Environmental Analysis

im05It began in 1988 with the study of industrial waste dumps and the proposal of locations for their installation in our region (Castilla y León). It continued with a macro-project which aimed to investigate the water quality of this Community, to propose a monitoring network, and examine those activities, mainly agricultural , that involved an increased risk for both surface water and groundwater. We have examined the role that herons can perform as environmental indicators, and we have also analyzed water, sediment , fish, and mammals in order to investigate the impact that pesticides and poisons, as well as their degradation products.

img06This research line has also examined the persistence and degradation of many compounds used in the treatment of pests, including actions on greenhouse-grown products. This has been done by developing multi-residue methods and in some cases single residue method.

The most recent issues are focused on finding solutions for the treatment of rodent plagues raging with great virulence periodically in our region. New rodenticides are being evaluated, and more innovative and selective application forms are being proposed.